Some one sent this to me in an email and i truely believe its very deep and meaningful.. Some how i liked it soo much that i have made it into a gallery of photos and put them on this website.. I hope you will like this as well like i did. Enjoy the browsing... ... Read More


What sort of a life would we live without friends.... "Friendship is when people know all about you but like you anyway. " "There is nothing on this earth to be prized more than true friendship." "Never explain - your friends do not need it and your enemies will no.... Read More


These are the pictures taken when i went to explore the world. The pictures include cities which i had visited on this trip.. some of the cities that included in this trip were Singapore, Dubai, Mascat, Karachi, Vienna, London, Washington, Orlando, Chicago, Los Ang...
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Work Mates
These are the pictures of friends that I work with. While working at APS I have made some really good friends.. I will be updating this gallary soon when i will get some time but until then thats all that there is.. If any of the APS guys is looking at this galla...
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About Me

Hi! there. ‘Yours truly’ Sajjad ( Alias, ZeroQool or IceCool and Now Ordinary ) welcomes U 2 his Homepage. I am working at APS In Sydney and have just been distracted by a tall beautiful lady walking past my window. I know she’s tall because I’m on the Seventh floor. I am glad I have 2 type this message. My handwriting is so bad it looks as if a swarm of ants, escaping from an ink bottle, had walked over a sheet of paper without wiping their feet.

B4 I proceed with the 4malities, I would like 2 say a few words about myself.

My birth was conceived at the end of week’s work when every one was feeling tired. I’m so lazy my self winding watch is three days slow. I enjoy sports very much and have a passing interest in wide range of recreational activities. I know karate. And other Chinese words. Recently I took up Tae-Kwon-Do. It is a wonderful sport. I spent my first introductory session at the Gym and six days in the hospital. It was bloody but brief. I had teeth like the ten commandments. All broken. As a direct result I suffered from deficit of sensory responsiveness to the external world. I still feel a small pain at the thought of it. Now in my final year of degree I have learnt 2 take life easy. I get up every morning at six, no matter what time it is. I enjoy playing Saxophone once in a blue moon. But recently I had to put it up 4 sale. Saw my next door neighbor coming home with a gun.

I am fairly converse in several languages. They include Urdu, Punjabi, pushto and English. Un4tunately when I’m drunk I speak them all at once. I can also read French. But only in English. I am into all type of music especially Reggae & Soul. I sincerely hate Apache Indian. I’d rather prefer the music that of a cat hung up by it’s tail outside a window trying to stick to the panes of glass with it’s claws.

My life so far has been one brimful of such small difficulties. Only this morning I was taking my usual bath in milk when the silly cow slipped and fell on me. But enough of this rubbish. This is supposed 2 B an introduction.

More on a serious tip now. Someone once said to me, ‘ Sajjad what makes U happy in life?’. Few suggestions did pop in2 my mind but he insisted on peace and harmony. But truly, my happiness lies in making other people happy. To make them smile. I take life one day at a time. I look at the possibilities rather than limitations. Life hasn’t always been a bed of roses 4 me. My secret is never 2 B intimidated by the matter in hand. U do not climb Everest by standing at the bottom and thinking how slippery it looks. I believe anything in life is possible 2 the willing mind.

Of all natures gift to the human race, there is nothing sweeter than a good friend. I hope this introduction has put a little smile on your face. In life there are three things I always 4get. Names, faces – the third I can’t remember. So drop me a line on

A Little About Me

Hi! there. ‘Yours truly’ Sajjad ( Alias, ZeroQool or IceCool and Now Ordinary ) welcomes U 2 his Homepage. I am working at APS In Sydney and have just been… Read More

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